Krzysztof Musielak

Bar Manager

His cocktails have been awarded at most important bartender competitions in Poland. But what really satisfies him is helping bar guests discover their new favourite cocktails. Inspired by food and literature, Krzysztof is always up for a little experiment. Just to achieve the perfect concoction. When asked about a personal favourite, Krzysztof swears by a classic – Espresso Martini.

Szymon Sierant

Executive Chef

Szymon enjoys feeding his guests and simply wants his food to bring smile to people’s faces! He has been cooking ever since he remembers. His cooking experience has been gathered on all chef positions. That how he tested most interesting craft techniques, which are now used in Craft kitchen. When Szymon is creating a dish, anything can be an inspiration – a meeting, a trip or a film, even. Local suppliers also provide it – their passion & quality of products is essential for Szymon.


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