Culinary calendar

We invite you to follow the events taking place in our restaurant. We hope that our activities will be exciting to watch and participate in.

October 2022

11/10 New Autumn menu
Inspired by the coming season of colorful leaves we have prepared for you a real autumn feast. Shades of orange, red, deep green and brown will dominate the plates. Roasted meat and wild birds will return. Of course, there will also be plenty of seasonal vegetables - tomatoes, corn, broad beans and potatoes.

November 2022

07/11 Goose Festival
Just like every year, to pay respect to the old culinary traditions, in addition to the autumn card, we are also serving goose dishes. This time you will be able to taste our special card all week from 7 to 13.11.

December 2022

Festive season at Craft
When the frost and first snowflakes appear outside the window, Craft fires up its grills to warm your stomachs and hearts. During the season we focus on grilled and roasted dishes, enriched with plenty of butter, cream and holiday memories. Invite your friends and co-workers to celebrate this special season together.


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