Culinary calendar

We invite you to follow the events taking place in our restaurant. We hope that our activities will be exciting to watch and participate in.

MAY 2024

13/05 Spring menu
Spring outside the window, spring in the kitchen and on our plates! As always, seasonal products dominate at Craft, with green and white asparagus leading the way. We cordially invite you to try our new dishes!


12/02 New menu
The wait is over! Craft presents a new, pre-spring menu. As always, you will find a lot of vegetables, the best quality meat and a few unexpected dishes. We can't wait to see you!


31/12 New Year's Eve Dinner
Our chef Igor Arent-Rabiej and his team prepared a unique treat, and at midnight we raised a toast with a glass of champagne and welcomed the New Year. We served a feast in the restaurant that delighted our Guests!


25/11 Winter Hut
Let's feel the magical atmosphere of Ostrów Tumski together. Let the smell of our mulled wine, hot chocolate and freshly baked cookies wake you up childhood memories! On weekends, we invite you to our winter hut to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere while listening to live music.


06/11 Goose festival
To pay respect to culinary customs and in the spirit of artisan cuisine in the autumn and winter, goose becomes a mandatory element of our menu. We invite you to enjoy goose delicacies from November 6th to 19th.

October 2023

16/10 Autumn menu
Autumn is a time rich in seasonal culinary products. We get all the best from it. Our new menu is full of colors and flavors. You must try it!

September 2023

08/09 Tasting menu: Campo Modern Grill
We invited our guests on a culinary journey through Polish-Argentinian flavors. A unique tasting dinner was created with the guest participation of Wojtek Janowicz from a friendly restaurant - Campo Modern Grill.

August 2023

18/08 Tasting menu: Dragma
On this special evening, our guests tasted 8 delicious dishes prepared by the chef of the Craft restaurant - Igor Arent-Rabiej and 4 unique cocktails based on the first Polish craft vermouth of the Dragma brand.

July 2023

14/07 Gastro Miasto
We participated in Gastro Miasto 2023, which took place on the Dunikowski Boulevards on the Odra River. Thank you very much for everyone who visited our stand!

July 2023

03/07 Summer menu
Summer is here! Holiday time is full of culinary inspirations, fresh seasonal products push themselves onto the plates. Try the flavors of summer with us.

June 2023

02/06 Tasting dinner: 55-100 Vinery
The tasting dinner was an opportunity to joint celebration of the unique combination of menu based on the artisanal culinary philosophy with the unique taste of local wine, created with true passion.

May 2023

15/05 New in Craft's menu
To meet the expectations of Guests who regularly visit the Craft restaurant, new dishes will appear in our menu more often. Thanks to this, guests will gain the opportunity to taste completely new dishes.

May 2023

01/05 Summer Bar - open!
The Bridge Summer Bar is open again! In the spacious garden of The Bridge you will find a new menu, cocktails, wine and an unpretentious atmosphere that thousands of Wroclaw residents and tourists have fallen in love with.

March 2023

03/02 New Spring menu
Together with the awakening of nature, we gain an appetite for fresh, light dishes that evoke spring. Our new menu is a reflection of these desires. The highest quality ingredients, from which we prepare our specialties, remain a constant point. We invite you to celebrate meals together.

December 2022

Festive season at Craft
When the frost and first snowflakes appear outside the window, Craft fires up its grills to warm your stomachs and hearts. During the season we focus on grilled and roasted dishes, enriched with plenty of butter, cream and holiday memories. Invite your friends and co-workers to celebrate this special season together.

November 2022

07/11 Goose Festival
Just like every year, to pay respect to the old culinary traditions, in addition to the autumn card, we are also serving goose dishes. This time you will be able to taste our special card all week from 7 to 13.11.

October 2022

11/10 New Autumn menu
Inspired by the coming season of colorful leaves we have prepared for you a real autumn feast. Shades of orange, red, deep green and brown will dominate the plates. Roasted meat and wild birds will return. Of course, there will also be plenty of seasonal vegetables - tomatoes, corn, broad beans and potatoes.


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