The Bridge Wroclaw MGallery and Craft Restaurant support the effort to fight the pandemics

Since March 2020 the team of The Bridge Wrocław MGallery and CRAFT Restaurant support the institutions fighting against coronavirus in Wroclaw and collaborate with ERMED Foundation.

Every day, taking into the Health & Safety procedures, the hotel produces several dozens of warm meals that are delivered to medical facilities indicated by ERMED Foundation. The main locations are The Centre of Crisis Management in Wroclaw and the isolated ward of Lower Silesian Centre of Lung Disease in Oborniki Slaskie.

“The support of medical personnel is the priority nowadays. Our engagement in the crucial issues of local communities is one of the values that we follow at The Bridge Wroclaw MGallery” – says Timea Balzer, General Manager. – Every day we deliver about 100 warm meals produced by CRAFT Restaurant led by Head Chef, Szymon Sierrant. The care of others is in our hotel DNA.” – she adds.

The support is possible with the financial engagement of the hotel investor – Tacit Investment and hotel suppliers. They are offering the preferential conditions of cooperation. Special thanks are coming to the following companies:

  • Dim Wrocław, Bidfood Farutex, Develey Polska for discounted products rates
  • Polskie Centrum Czystości, Ecolab, Jack and Duni for packaging and serviette delivery
  • Oui Oui for delivery of warming boxes
  • Nero Fruits and Kartofelek for fruits and vegetables for meals
  • Mondelez International for delivering sweets

The hotel and restaurant employees are actively taking part in supportive actions. Karolina Bolek, who works as a Receptionist, does the coordination. She takes part in meal delivery as well.

“The participation of employees to support efforts against pandemic enables my team to feel the power of community and need, especially when their regular duties are limited” – says Timea Balzer. I appreciate the attitude of The Board of Tacit Investment of keeping the employee level at no change during those challenging Times.


Timea Balzer encourages also other companies to join hotel in supportive actions. Please call Marta Stawińska – Janiec, Director of Sales & Marketing by phone +0048 572 778 223 or mail

if you would like to receive more information.